Home Insurance Security Improvements That Guarantee Reduced Premiums

When it comes to home insurance, it’s not really worth cutting corners, after all, should you ever need it then it’s worth having the right coverage and not be left out of pocket. None the less, no one likes forking out hard earned cash on a monthly or annual basis for something which may never get any use!

Obviously, there are some straight forward changes you can make to your policy that will help keep costs down and reduce premiums, such as increasing your excess, building up a no claims discount and shifting to an annual payment scheme (which generally works out cheaper than paying monthly), but what about physical changes to your home?

Making improvements to your home security can help reduce your insurance prices each and every year, making it a good long-term investment, not to mention making you and your family feel much safer and potentially reduce the likelihood that your home will be the target of crime in the first place. We’re taking a look at some of the home security improvements you can make that will not only reduce your risk of break in and theft, but could also help reduce your home insurance premiums too, bonus!

Add An Alarm

Burglar alarms are a great deterrent for would be thieves as most are opportunist; if they see an alarm box on your house, they’ll likely avoid your property.

Consider your needs and budget, as there are a whole range of alarm systems on the market, ranging from the simple motion detected alarms with PIR sensors, to serviced systems which will contact a central security office or in some business cases; the police.

More sophisticated systems work on mobile apps and can control your home electronics and lighting, putting off would be thieves even further.

Upgrade Your Locks

Modern uPVC doors come with beefed up security, but if your house has external doors that are a few years old (or more) you may want to consider updating your locks.

Insurers see five lever mortice deadlocks as the benchmark for timber external doors and three point systems for uPVC doors. Check with your insurer, as older three lever locks are easily broken, so upgrading could see a reduction in your premiums.

Add Security Cameras

When looking at properties to target, thieves will generally look for the easiest option, so visible security is a must. Reduce your home insurance premiums by installing CCTV cameras as insurers know that properties with cameras on site will be less likely to be broken into in the first place.

As with all security, consider your budget, as systems vary from individual cameras to multiple camera systems. PIR’s can be added to incorporate motion detection, meaning any would be thieves will be immediately caught on camera, should they get onto your property.

Should the worse happen and your home is broken into, CCTV systems can also help if you ever do need to make a claim. Adding a recording system to your camera set up will help provide police with vital evidence, meaning a higher chance of apprehending thieves, recovering your belongings and ultimately getting full compensation from your home insurer.

Can CCTV Cameras be Added to Rental Properties?

Security cameras and CCTV can be added to rental property, in most cases, it will be welcomed by your landlord as it helps secure their home, flat or apartment! However, it is always advisable to check first and getting written permission via letter or email first, before you have a system installed.

If you are a landlord, you are free to have any security measure you see fit installed on your property, however, CCTV can only be installed on the exterior of your property.

Don’t Forget The Extras

When your looking to reduce premiums, don’t forget the smaller areas of your home such as window locks, added door security such as deadbolts and chains and security lighting such as motion detected spotlights. Remember, when an insurance company are determining your premiums, they will consider how ‘at risk’ your home is, lower risk means lower premiums; a win-win all round.

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