Adding CCTV To Your Home | Thing To Consider

With theft relating to property and vehicles seeing a dramatic rise over the last few years and domestic burglary being as much of a problem now as it was in the mid eighties, you may be thinking about beefing up your home security, with a CCTV camera system. Once you start researching though, it can sometimes be a little confusing as to the do’s and don’ts of CCTV; with different websites offering up conflicting advice.

As CCTV experts, we’re here to help. In our latest blog, the Home CCTV Services Installation Team offer their insight into what to consider when choosing a camera system for your home. Take a look, we hope it helps clear things up and makes your decision a little easier…

Why Do You Need A CCTV System?

Think about why you may want to install a CCTV system in the first place? Is it for extra security and deterrent against break ins? To monitor behaviour on your property (in the case of nightmare neighbours for example) or just to keep an eye on things and make your whole family feel much safer?

Consider adding other elements to your home too, such as motion detected lighting and low level lighting to compliment your camera system and generally improve your home security.

What Type Of CCTV System Do I Need?

There are loads of different systems on the market, but we advise that you consider a couple of things when deciding on your system; the footage quality, recording system and night vision.

These days, camera feeds can provide high definition images, meaning there’s less blurry faces and any would be thief will be more easier to recognise. This makes your chances of a conviction, should you ever be a victim of theft, much higher than normal.

A recording system is a must with any CCTV system, as it helps collect any evidence you may need when dealing with authorities for example. Modern recording systems can capture hours of footage, perfect for a ‘fit and forget’ package.

Night vision practically doubles the effectiveness of your home CCTV system, offering night time recording as clear as daytime. Choosing a system with a night vision option helps to protect your home from break ins after dark, a must for any family household.

What About Neighbours?

Before you install CCTV, consider your neighbours. It’s important to add CCTV to your home, without being too intrusive to others. Think about where cameras will be situated and what they will potentially capture, remember, it’s always best to be on good terms with people you live so close to!

At Home CCTV Services, we always provide a free customer survey before installation, just to make sure your system is perfectly placed.

How Much Does CCTV Cost?

Off the shelf CCTV packages can be incredibly cheap, with some systems coming in just under £200. However, these systems do have a lot of pitfalls, including footage quality, hardware quality and reliability. Consider your budget and value of any system, rather than overall cost, as a slightly more expensive system, which captures images much more successfully and prevents crime is a much better option than one that doesn’t!

Our systems are bespoke, comprising industry leading hardware to guarantee a first class CCTV system, we believe this is the best value for money and piece of mind.

We hope that helps clear a few things up and gives you a few ideas on how to chose the perfect system. If you’re still in the dark, why not get in touch and we can help!

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