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At Home CCTV & Alarms Ltd we've helped thousands of customers improve the safety and protection of their homes and businesses.

Part of the reason we've built an industry leading reputation is our commitment to customer service, helping customers before, during and after their CCTV or alarm installation.

Our tech support page is continually updated, based on customer feedback to help you with common set-up and maintenance tasks. If you ever need us, please get in touch, we're always happy to help!

Our Tech Support Videos

Support Video 1

Troubleshooting: 'No Video Signal'.

Support Video 2

Locating your QR code and adding cameras to your mobile device.

Support Video 3

Introducing a new router.

Support Video 4

How to reboot your DVR.

Support Video 5

How to adjust motion detection.

Support Video 6

How to download recordings from DVR to USB stick.

Support Video 7

How to save recordings to your app and phone memory.

Support Video 8

How to set app to 'Best Definition Picture Quality'.

Support Video 9

How to change your password.

Support Video 10

Troubleshooting: Several reasons why your cameras might not be working.