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Crystal Clear, Infrared Camera Footage To Protect Your Home

Infrared CCTV cameras provide a modern solution to preventing would be thieves, burglary and break ins on your home. Infrared cameras offer a crystal clear feed that works both day and night, meaning your property is protected 24/7. If you’re thinking of installing CCTV on your home and looking for a system that works through all weathers, light and seasons, infrared cameras could be for you.

Our team have years of experience designing and installing infrared systems throughout the UK, as one of the countries largest independent installation companies, with expert knowledge of all types of cameras. If you’re considering Home CCTV installation and an infrared camera system, speak to us!

We offer a free, no obligation survey, designed to help you choose the perfect, bespoke system, that’s best suited to protecting your home.

Factors Affecting Your Infrared Camera Costs

Number Of Cameras

The number of CCTV cameras you need will vary, depending upon your coverage needs.

Camera Types

Different camera types offer different features and benefits, including scope and quality.

Camera Location

The complexity of installation will affect the labour costs involved and price of your CCTV system.

Camera Features

We use industry leading equipment at no extra cost, which other companies may charge for.

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