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Professional CCTV With High Definition Footage

If you’re looking for a CCTV system with unrivalled camera quality you’ll want high definition CCTV. HD CCTV cameras can capture footage in 1080 and 4K, perfect for preventing and minimising your risk to crime.

HD Cameras provide the best footage quality, whilst still being incredibly robust, resilient to tampering and hard wearing, thanks to developments in manufacturing. In fact, modern HD CCTV cameras are just as hardy as more simple bullet and pan-tilt cameras! High definition footage capturing is available in a number of camera types, including Pan & Tilt and Dome, offering maximum coverage for domestic and commercial properties.

As with most camera types, HD cameras are easily connected to recording facilities and smartphones, enabling the user to quickly access their footage on the go or recover a recording in the event of a crime.

Our team have worked on thousands of installs throughout the UK, making use of some of the highest quality cameras on the market. If you would like a free, no obligation quote for your bespoke CCTV system, contact us today.

Factors Affecting Your HD CCTV Cameras

Number Of Cameras

The number of CCTV cameras you need will vary, depending upon your coverage needs.

Camera Types

Different camera types offer different features and benefits, including scope and quality.

Camera Location

The complexity of installation will affect the labour costs involved and price of your CCTV system.

Camera Features

We use industry leading equipment at no extra cost, which other companies may charge for.

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