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Keep Your Home Protected With Recordable CCTV Footage

Recordable CCTV systems not only deter would be thieves, but also help you get things back on track, should you be the victim of crime. After a break in or burglary, recordable footage can play an important part in helping recover belongings, seeking prosecution or making an insurance claim. With a recording system in place, your CCTV system become even more effective, which could also reduce your insurance premiums, helping to save money long term.

Recording systems for CCTV are robust and tamper proof, with most systems able to capture high definition and night vision footage. The amount of recording time available depends upon the hard drive you choose, with most systems able to monitor and record for days at a time.

Our recording systems are compatible with all types of cameras, including Dome, Pan & Tilt and Bullet cameras, which provides a complete system, capable of covering the entire property, providing maximum protection.

Factors Affecting Your Recordable CCTV Costs

Number Of Cameras

The number of CCTV cameras you need will vary, depending upon your coverage needs.

Camera Types

Different camera types offer different features and benefits, including scope and quality.

Camera Location

The complexity of installation will affect the labour costs involved and price of your CCTV system.

Camera Features

We use industry leading equipment at no extra cost, which other companies may charge for.

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